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Dr. Tripat Deep Singh

Dr. Tripat Deep Singh is currently Clinical Manager Sleep Healthcare ASEAN Philips Electronics Singapore. In his current role he trains Doctors, Nurses and technicians in the field of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Technology in ASEAN region and Pakistan.

He graduated with MBBS from Govt. Medical College Patiala, Punjab, India in 2003. He obtained his Post-graduate degree in Physiology from Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute University of Delhi, Delhi, India in 2009 where he also got trained in the field of Sleep medicine. He specializes in Sleep Medicine as International Sleep Specialist (World Sleep Federation program) and Sleep Technology as Registered Polysomnography Technologist (RPSGT) & Registered Sleep Technologist (RST).

He is a regular faculty for National Sleep Medicine Course and National Sleep Technology Course in India. He is editor of newsletter for Philips (Sleepmatters) and Indian Society for Sleep Research (SleepWatching India). He also publishes literature updates in Sleep Medicine “Sleep Update India” two times in a year for ISSR. He is Associate Editor of American Academy of Sleep Technology (AAST) Book “Fundamentals of Sleep Technology”, which is considered must read in the field of Sleep technology. He is on the Editorial board of “Sleep and Vigilance” Journal and Journal of Neurology- Indonesian Neurology Society.

He was awarded Medal of Honor in 2019 by Ministry of Health Vietnam for his contributions for developing Sleep Medicine and Sleep Technology in Vietnam.

He was Assistant Professor in Medical College, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, and taught Medical Physiology to Medical and Nursing students. He was in charge of Sleep lab at Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences before joining Philips in the current role. He is frequent speaker at various courses and workshops in ASEAN region, India, Korea and Pakistan.

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What Our Readers Say

  • "Dr Tripat’s book is a conceptual breakthrough in how we can simplify the science without compromising its gravity and depth. Scoring of a polysomnogram has been a challenge for most of us especially with ever changing rules. Dr. Tripat with his in depth understanding of brain waves and how, when and where they are generated and how consistently they change in sleep and wakefulness worked his way up to how to add up all natural signal and present in an accurate report form has brought a game changer to life. Once you capture how the algorithm progresses you will find it easy to navigate and easy to understand without need for memorizing the rules! The text is supplanted by labelled epochs to illustrate major points. In summary, Dr Tripat holds your hand and walks you through step by step just once and you will be running on your own, confidently scoring PSGs. Welcome to the New Bible of Sleep Scoring."

    Deepak Shrivastava
    MD, FAASM, FACP, FCCP, RPSGT, University of New York and University of California, Davis
  • "This book is a boon to beginners in scoring polysomnography and an excellent desktop reference even for experts in the field. The algorithms are very concise and practical. The Author’s passion for teaching shines through as one reads the book written in simple language"

    Dr Mahesh babu Ramamurthy
    MBBS (India), MD (Paediatrics), MRCP (UK), FRCPCH(UK)
  • "This book has helped me tremendously as a beginner to sleep scoring. The scoring rules, which can be quite complex and intimidating for beginners, are nicely condensed into simple algorithms that are easy to follow and apply. The book also teaches a systematic way to learn scoring which increases confidence when faced with doubts during scoring."

    Ms. Karen Chin
    Sleep Technologist, Sengkang Hospital Singapore
  • "What a simplistic and algorithmic approach to sleep scoring...suitable and easily grasped by not only beginners but also matured seasoned scorers which follows the AASM manual obediently. This book will be a good addition to the exciting Dr. Tripat's live workshops!"

    Mr. Han-How Chien
    Principal Technologist, SleepWake Centre Group

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